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The DUI Seminar has combined the SFST & ARIDE curriculum into a one week (40 hour) course. It is approved by the CHP and meets the pre-requisites to attend the DRE Course.

Are you aware the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has modified the field sobriety testing protocol? Is your agency up to date with the proper administration of the standardized and systematic field sobriety testing process? Learn how to administer and interpret the nystagmus test. Are you aware that in April 2013 the United States Supreme Court ruled that police must request a search warrant to retrieve blood from a driver who refuses a chemical test?

In 2015 the seminar combined the curriculum for a SFST class with that of an Advanced Roadside Impaired Driver Enforcement (ARIDE) class. This became the first course of its kind and meets the pre-requisites to attend the DRE School.

Since 1985 the DUI Seminar has trained in excess of 7,000 California law enforcement officers. The course and it’s founder have been recognized by, and received awards from, MADD Orange County, MADD California, MADD USA, the Orange County Board of Supervisor‘s, the California State Assembly, the United States Congress, and the California Governor‘s Award for Life-Time Achievement in Law Enforcement Training.

This course was designed and is constantly updated to develop the officer’s expertise in the identification, testing, apprehension, and documentation of impaired drivers, field safety, proper and complete report preparation including DMV forms. It includes a heavy emphasis on courtroom testimony and defense tactics.

In addition to class lectures, all students will participate in an Alcohol Workshop where they will monitor and conduct tests upon volunteers who will progress from sobriety to impairment under controlled conditions. During this time the students will master the concept of estimating Blood Alcohol Concentrations based on Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and become proficient in the administration of the Standardized and Systematic Field Sobriety Test battery as validated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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